Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services

Perata PASS PackPharmacy Home Care of East Tennessee uses the Parata Patient Adherence Strip System (PASS) Pack. Long-Term Care Facilites using our PASS Pack system will find increased productivity and patient safety in their prescription distribution system. 

Cutting-edge PASS Pack Pharmacy Technology Replaces Blister and Bingo Cards and Allows You to...

Ensures Safe, More Efficient Med-Pass

Nurses who are interrupted while administering medication appear to have an increased risk of making medication errors, which are the #2 reason for hospital readmissions.

Parata PASS Pack is Safer, Faster and Enjoyable for Nurses

Easily customizable by facility, each pack includes information such as patient name and location, hour of administration and more.  The Pass Pack also has an optional bar code for bedside scanning to increase accuracy with an eMAR.

Why Facilities are Using the PASS Pack

Facility administrators and directors of nursing choose Pharmacy Home Care and PASS Pack for their positive impact on hospital readmissions, state surveys, patient outcomes, and nurse satisfaction rates.

Let Pharmacy Home Care of East Tennessee help your facility be the top choice for patients.

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